Weavers TV Comedy Drama is the 5th black led TV production in the UK in 25 years

In 2008 Tina Manly-Morgan lost her Afro salon business and an affluent London lifestyle when her city trader husband, Cornelius’ assets are frozen, and he subsequently disappears abroad.


Shattered, Tina and her teenage daughter Shantel are forced to downsize to a one bedroom flat in Kilburn from where they struggle to rebuild their lives.


It’s now early 2016 and Tina is offered a ‘fresh start’ when she is bequeathed another hair salon called ‘Weavers’ Hair and Beauty Salon in Milton Keynes by Cornelius’ deceased relative Gloria. Conservative in nature, Tina reluctantly takes up the offer, but soon realises that she has inherited much more than just an Afro hair salon.


For starters, Gloria has stipulated in her will that a condition of Tina’s tenure is that she re-employ Gloria’s old staff which includes Jenifer Cross an eccentric European hair specialist, and Mansi Mittal, an exotic beauty therapist from India.


Gloria’s dying wishes are exacted upon Tina in hilarious fashion by retired project manager Aunty Valarie (Estate Executor), who, along with a host of unusual hair enthusiasts, compel Tina to decide whether to stay and make a go of Weavers Hair and Beauty Salon, or go back to London, lay low, sit tight, and wait for Cornelius to return.

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