Nana: The Producer, Why do it?

As my first blog post I thought it ewould be useful to give a reason for why I started this programme.

Recently I have been looking at my life-past present and futire and think what a story I have to tell- business failure, heart failure, sight failure yet still going. This journey is so hard, yet so full of hope. I need to tell it somehow. A cople of days later my husband said to me 'we should do a reality TV show around your life loking at how you work as a producer to raise finance for the new TV series, Weavers'. And that was it, it all tied up and made sense. Hence the simple birth of Nana:The Producer.

The aim of this programme is to show what life is like on a day to day basis as I work to produce TV programes and films. It looks at my past, my currrent work and everything else in between.

Join me on my journey. Are you a Producer? How do you work? How is it going for you?

Do you want to be a Producer? What are your obstacles? What are your plans?

Let's start a conversation.


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