Senior Filmmakers

Senior Filmmakers Clubs start for adults aged 40 years and over. 


If you have always wondered how films are made.  If you have always wanted to work with gadgets and technology to create something then this program is for you.


Senior Filmmakers is a film-making program aimed at introducing older people to the skills of making films.


Participants learn to create film scripts, prepare story boards, crew and cast for their production, carry out pre-production activities and produce their films.


​​​An intense schedule running over 12 to 24 one hour sessions, participants are taken through the fundamental principles, roles and functions of film-making.​


At the end of the production the films are premiered to family, friends and colleagues.

This programme provides an opportunity for older people to be involved in a communal activity that is challenging, fun and requires collaboration, communication and interaction with others whist still learning some new skills.  It provides something to do which is both educational and engaging.

If you would like to join one of our Senior Filmmakers Clubs or if you have a group which might be interested in running a film club then email us at ​ or call 07949335822 or 01908411152 for more information.​​​​.




To register email

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​All trainers are CRB checked