Theme: Making Diversity Profitable: Making Diversity profitable across businesses, groups, organisations and individuals


• Across businesses so that profits increase and businesses grow

• Across groups and 3rd sector organisations to improve networking, encourage best practice and strengthen each other

• Across individuals to improve understanding, grow relationships and enhance social cohesion

​​​​A unique opportunity to showcase your Business, Group, or Organisation at MK's definitive exhibition. The call for exhibitors for the 2014 MKMIX Business and Culture Exhibition is now open, so don't miss your chance to take part. ​


The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to raise the profile of your business, group or organisation with key influencers, including potential funders, clients, suppliers or partners, government and the public.​


What does the exhibitor do?


Exhibitors are responsible for decorating and populating their exhibition stand. The exhibit should be engaging for visitors and include associated interactive activities. Most exhibits are a standard size of 3m x 3m, or 4m x 2m. Exhibitors are responsible for basic equipment they require (poster boards, TV screens, projectors.) ​​


Representatives of each exhibit should attend the Planning Day at the exhibition venue in late February. At this event the MKMIX provides guidance on decorating and populating exhibition stands and gives a guided tour of the exhibition space. Some exhibitors from the previous year also attend.​


The MKMIX can provide post-exhibition evaluation data which is often required by participating bodies.


​At least one member of the exhibition team should be in attendance during the public opening times for the exhibition and at the two additional morning and evening events. We recommend having at least 2 members of staff to man each stand per day. Visitors expect to interact with the exhibitors ask them questions about their product, service or activity.​


What does the MKMIX do?


The MKMIX provides the venue and manages and co-ordinates the exhibition. We run an extensive promotional campaign to attract visitors.


During the run-up we help exhibitors to plan their exhibits. At the exhibition the MKMIX staff are on hand to support the exhibitors. We provide basic equipment such as tables and chairs.​


Exhibition takes place July 5th to 6th 2014. ​


Several seminars are run with topics ranging from 'doing business globally' to 'improving self confidence.' Details of seminars will be published in the New Year.​


The MKMIX Management reserve the right to reject any business, group or organisation from exhibiting.


Basic Stand: 3m by 3m or 4m by 2m: £100

Large stand: 6m by 6m: £200

Speak to us about sponsorhip deals.

Small Stand:£100

Large Stand: £200

Our exhibitions are a platform and celebration of business, culture and third sector organisations


MKMIX Business and Culture Exhibition 2014

5th to 6th July 2014

Lloyds Court, Central Milton Keynes