Community Engagement

We have a passion for working in Communities. The success of communities is no longer based on economic prosperity alone but also on societal equity and the preservation of the environment.  Many factors affect the way communities interact, grow and prosper and they include education, financial prosperity, environmental degradation, housing, health amongst others.  Key to these issues is the need for communities to come together to discuss and together find solutions to their challenges. We believe filmmaking can be a useful tool in this process. We believe in 'Filmmaking for Development'. We understand the power of filmmaking to bring about social cohesion and empower filmmakers by developing creativity, encouraging communication and collaboration and developing skills.  By exploring the issues which challenge them as a community by going through the filmmaking process together, by creating a shared output, communities have a shared goal and identity and are empowered to take action to change their lives.   Because we know this we are keen to promote more film clubs across groups and communities.

Talk to us about starting and running a film club in your group, estate or community.